But did not wait for Coach outlet to react again

But did not wait for Coach outlet to react again

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But did not wait for Coach outlet to react again

ang Qingdi had rushed out of the door, Dong red C, Cao Wildfox immediately to keep .This is bound to be a sleepless night!No one has seen champion Wang Xuance shot, because people are seen champion shot dead. When Chen Qing go out when the champion Wang Xuance hands no longer know where to come up with a very fine PSS silenced pistol, Cao Wildfox recognized the champion in the hands of a pistol, a little bit surprised, because PSS pistol produced Russia, although it is not called the world's best pistol, but definitely among the top three, it seems very few people are now able to get this gun, only slightly surprised a moment, and did not do more to stop it washed out, Dong Chek C slip somewhat afraid of their own masters, naturally followed.Chen Qing, when out of the hands do not know when it has more than a knife, in the dim lights and moonlight, Chen Qing eyes like that touch of bladelike windy, scarlet lips that sketched out a subtle hint of curvature body like an arrow general injection, a dazzling draw a beautiful arc coldness draw to a person wearing a black dress, blood splatters, black people see that touch of blade flashed when it has to retreat to, can still be inevitable across.Injury is not serious, although this is not crazy to all the elite, but more than people are in the edge of each wave is undoubtedly a living leader, his instincts and his reaction is proportional, so this knife is just cut open a wound is not deep, not fatal, but did not wait for Coach outlet to react again, that | touch of blade as serpent eyeing him again to draw up an incredible backhand angle, inevitable, and suddenly a machete Jia Zhu Chen Qing of the blade, the Dragon King Fai shot, he rescued the black man's life.

Chen Qing Jia Zhu at the moment blade knives are homeopathic drop, fast as lightning, Long Jing Hui sent a madman can perform tasks naturally has its attractions, the blade pops up, parried the blow Chan Hing immediately after the retreat He knew he was not the opponent Chen Qing,Coach outlet has three red C into the crowd, Cao Dong Wildfox force values ​​and some of them fight Chek C, Jiang Qingdi a person can be singled out Siberian tiger the strength of a group of veterans are naturally good, but three people into the crowd did not like it as cut melon vegetable tipped one, just one Henli momentum by inserting, after inserting While no one canResist them, but this group of antistrike capability Northeast Han dynasty actually not weak, hit by three people, but there are still people can stop it.tNo more than people besieged four people, the terrain is relatively still relatively spacious, even into a stalemate, Long Jinghui did not think a few people could be so difficult to handle, eyes Yinhen toward next to a man nodded his head, saw the hand beside the Han dynasty actually come up with a Desert Eagle on, bang deep voice sounded, guns already down on

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