Number of people over Coach factory outlet back suddenly heard a commotion

Number of people over Coach factory outlet back suddenly heard a commotion

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Number of people over Coach factory outlet back suddenly heard a commotion

the side of the Han, Chen Qing looked at the Han Jiang Qingdi thought it was shot down, you can tu back the hands of discovery Jiang Qingdi and no guns, Cao Wildfox know champion shot, do not be a stagnant one hand blade tipped Tahan.

Number of people over Coach factory outlet back suddenly heard a commotion, a one meter tall thin man of about  holding a grab bar tued down two, when Long Jinghui see this pale thin man's eyes when flashed Henli and shouted gun. Carter, and heard a dull sound of gunfire sounded, one just to put your hand in the arms of the Han dynasty fell to the ground, which under all messed up, they do not know what people in the shot.

On the roof of a distant night blend with a man holding an infrared sniper rifle, see the flat head man appeared at the moment to pull the trigger immediately, without the slightest hesitation.

When a red dot appears on the Coach factory outlet head when the champion shot, Coach factory outlet knees, a bullet from his flying overhead, the moon seems to have been that a gunshot scared, even the semi faces shrink back.

The man on the roof when to pull the trigger, and instantly felt a like that in the Changbai Mountain is inverted arch boar fear, without the slightest hesitation, he immediately let go sniper free  fall, rolling down the roof, a majestic as gods appeared at the place where the just man, without the slightest hesitation jumped off the  roof to pick up the gun, a figure had almost disappeared in the darkness among the majestic man picking up that did not go the extra infrared sniper aiming , silk hesitate to shoot bullets bursts of vibrato like a meteor across the majestic men do not tu nostalgia.

Chase out the direction of the bullet, has been integrated into the night behind a man just felt like the call of death, and instantly fell to the ground, wearing a bullet into the right shoulder at the man stuffy say anything, lift goes distorted face, surprised a madman, tough upIn fact, it is not far to a few more offroad vehicles, the blood shed from the shoulders.

The magnificent men have taken up the infrared sniper that shot, instantly running, came to light that light enveloped range, saw a picture of him piercing, CAO Wildfox carrying a flat head man walked Chen yard, majestic exotic eyes like a man thrown a red mouth evoke an arc, will a sniper upon their shoulders, as if hell Asura king, I heard sound of gunshots pierced the night sky, everyone which have been stunned, a blossoming lotus blood crashed into the sky, four gunshots after a man throw away the shoulder gun majestic, fast running up, everyone looked at the running figure, air seemed to be trembling.

When inserted into the crowd majestic man without the slightest movement slows down, pull a hit, two hands combined with the pedal's footsteps, each movement always someone down, Coach outlet online no longer shot, Dong Jiang Qingdi duo are also red C stopped the action, looked at the extremely overbe

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